Thursday, June 21, 2012

36 - Shiloh's "Orphan Blocks" Quilt

When I heard that Shiloh had agreed to watch over Uncle Doug & Auntie Bev so that Nancy and Candy could come up to visit all of us Pacific Northwest cousins I said to myself, "Now THAT deserves a quilt!  AND I LEPT INTO ACTION having only 3 weeks to get a quilt ready for Nancy to take back to her!  Fast?  Easy?  Ready-To-Go-Because-All-The-Fabric-Is-Already-Here-In-The-House-&-Cut!  Solution:  An Orphan Block Quilt!  Recognize the squares and fabrics?
Finished JUST in time for Nancy to take it back to Texas!

 Now let's see if I can actually get this done by July 17th!

Tues, June 26th:  OK, it's on the machine... I'm making progress ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

35 - Carolyn's Quilt

What's GammillGirl workin on right now?  Carolyn's Quilt.  And we will all keep Carolyn in our prayers as she works through her chemotherapy and comes out kickin!  XO

Such fun fabrics.  Each pattern selected by individual family members to
represent each of their unique personalities.  Very fun!
July 2nd Update:  Finished and delivered :)   Oh what a joy to accomplish and deliver. 
Abba Father, You are an awesome, healing God.  PTL!!!  XO

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gammill Girl High

What gets a Gammill Girl's adrenaline pumping?
Waiting for 6 months to spend her Auntie Linna Christmas Gift Card at JoAnn's Fabric Store's FireFly Sale so that I could get my 108" muslin for 50% + 15% off!
I got $177.19 dollars worth of muslin for $75.29 dollars!
And now I've got 30+ yards of 108" inch muslin; enough to back 6-10 quilts!
That's called a "Gammill Girl High!"