Monday, May 7, 2012

34 - David & Rachel's Baby

David & Rachel are going to have a baby this summer!  And the baby shower is THIS SATURDAY!  I had to hurry, hurry, hurry to get this quilted and bound in time.  It's got snuggly flannel on one side and nice crisp cotton on the other.  It's hard to find fabric that is gender neutral.  I wonder if it is going to be a boy or a girl?!  I'm so excited to see Steve and Judi become GRANDparents.  It is such a fun club.


  1. dang can sure crank these out quickly, can't you? I want to do one while I'm there. I would like to make 6 placemats for my dining room table. Would that qualify for 6 separate quilts, ha!

  2. Yes, we can do 6 placemats for ya. Bring your favorite fabric... or just do scrappies... I've got tons! Can't wait. And I think I know how to do all 6 by loading them onto the machine as one big piece - then we'd cut them out. My imagination is alreay going!!! This is going to be fun!