Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Original Keison Art added to The Studio

Fellow "cousin" artist has created a beautiful orginal of the Texas Landscape - including Texas flag and cattle and blue bonnets!  I'm the proud owner of the first commissioned piece of art from our budding artist cousin.  And I have proudly displayed Keison's piece in my Quilters Studio favorite art corner!  Yippie Yie Kai Aaaaaaaaaa!

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  1. holy smack-a-roly...the grandson has now made your blog TWICE with his artwork!! What an honor and priviledge that he has had. I think I will draw something and send it to you (no commission necessary) and see if it makes the cut.
    Shi and Chris left this morning to drive to Florida for a two fold trip. The first reason is so Keison can participate with his Home School Christian baseball team in a homeschool baseball tournament, and the second of course is Disneyworld. They will be there a week. Bob and I coincidently will be leaving Thursday morning to fly with some friends to Naples, Florida for a four day trip. I'm looking forward to this wee trip. Naples is very pretty and of course as EVERYONE knows, home to the manitee. love you...