Saturday, April 21, 2012

33 - Don't Cha Think Ethan Needs A COWBOY QUILT?

Well I couldn't resist this adorable Cowboy fabric for my new GRANDIE!  Don't you think he's just going to love it!  Giddy-up Ethan!  XO Granny


  1. #1 yes, Ethan is adorable and I already love his precious little cleft chin, # 2 his sweet button nose (a classic Oren nose by the way...) and #3 who wouldn't just DIE over his uber cool rockin' hair do, but REALLY Robs, don't you think it's a bit unfair that Sarah and Joel had to wait six years for their quilt and now Ethan gets his after a few days??? Geez, you'd think he was your first grandson or something. Oh wait, he is. O.K., carry on!
    The cowboy material is just awesome. I bet you are lovin' making this one for sure!
    Did I tell you Oren and Cindy are preggers? Due in late November. EIGHT IS ENOUGH!!!

  2. Oh that is awesome! Congratulations to Oren & Cindy! Eight is not enough, one can never have enough GRANDIES! Keep 'em comin no matter how tired us GRANDMA's get! LOL (I love you NancyNance. I can always count on you to comment on my blog. My #1 Blog Fan! XO)