Thursday, April 19, 2012

32 - Penni's x-M.I.L.'s Pretty Harvest Quilt

OK, now people are really starting to push me in the "skills" department.  I'm a little bit, uhm, nervous, excited, scared, thrilled, worried, intriqued... as I try to figure out how to quilt all the intricacies in this applique-picture quilt.  It's got really thick portions where there are layers of fabric and backing - a needle breaker.  But I have to admit - it is interesting trying something new.  Hope it turns out ok.  Hope she likes it.


  1. I know you love a good challenge girlie. I imagine it will turn out beautifully, like everything you put your hand to. I love the quilt you have hanging in the background. Are there some scrap pieces in that quilt from my quilt and from mom and dad's anniversary quilt? Seems like the colors match up in my memory. By the way, I put Rowan down for a nap under your quilt yesterday and she commented how snuggly it felt because she was "too, too cold".

  2. Oh I just love that Rowan was snugglin under a Cousin Robbie Quilt. Somehow I hope that helps her know her Pacific Northwest Cuzzie that lives so far far away up in the "too, too cold" state of Washington! XO