Sunday, March 25, 2012

31 - Joel & Sarah's Wedding Quilt 6 years late

Joel & Sarah have been very patient.  Many a time I've seen my daughter scan the long arm machine, noticing ANOTHER quilt that wasn't for her and Joel.  I believe she'd pretty near given up.  Well, I finally got it all pieced together and loaded on the machine.  I'm having fun quilting it as I think about how patient they've been.  And how I love them for never giving up on me!

Update April 18th -- Sent quilt home with Sarah today.  She loves it.  She had her arms full when we walked to the car:  Two week old baby Ethan, five year old Livi, all the baby stuff, Livi's crafts, her own purse, plus some other stuff.  It was cute.

This quilt should really be their 6 year anniversary quilt - just look at what all has happened since the wedding! :)
Ethan posing in front of the quilt I made for Joel on the day he proposed to Sarah :)



  1. YAY for Sarah and Joel finally getting their long awaited quilt. They HAVE been patient, havn't they? It's beautiful. Have fun quilting it, I bet this is the fun part of the process, isn't it?

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  3. it's really beautiful Robs. And now Ethan can get full use out of it! I wonder how many times Sarah will have to wash that thing before he turns one because he has "fountain pee'd" on it??? Oh, that is going to be a joyous new experience for you granny. You just watch out and be prepared to duck and cover. Here's a little piece of advice...always keep the dry diaper right there to cover his winky up when the spout starts! HA HA.

  4. Oh Nancy, you can tell you have a lot of grandsons. Experience speaks loudly! Ask my sister sometime about changing J.T.'s diaper when he was a newborn!

  5. Karlie!!! Yeah, another cuzzie to add comments to my blog. Yeahhhhhhhhhh! I love my Kuzzie Karlie!!! XO XO XO