Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 - Sam's Baby Girl Zoe

Sarah's on-air colleague just had beautiful little baby girl Zoe.  I made such a pretty girly-girl pinky-pink sparkly butterflies and fairies quilt that Olivia said, "Granny?  Can you make one JUST LIKE THAT for me?"  I guess that is the ultimate compliment, huh?  ;)

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  1. Robs, I love, love, love this one too! Olivia is right on the money, it's what every little girl would want wrapped around her when she is chilly (or just needed comforting). I bet as you make these kinds of special quilts, Olivia is going to say that a lot. Her grandchildren will look at all the quilts that she has when she is old and say,"man, our great,great granny REALLY loved our grandmother a lot!!" The material with the dragonflies is soooo cute. What are you making for the new baby boy coming into your life in a couple of weeks? Can you believe you are soon going to get that little freckle faced boy you have been dreaming about? ( I already have him pictured in my mind from our discussions about your dreams of him...He will probably be so totally different, but I still have pictured like that. He is kind of "Tom Sawyer-ish" in my minds eye.
    Love you sweetie and I am thinking a lot about you, and of course Sarah, as she approaches her due date.