Thursday, February 2, 2012

25 - Cousin Gary!

Decisions, decisions.  Which way to twist the squares?  Hmmmmmm.....

And, yes, this quilt looks familiar.  It's the other half of Dad's!
Update:  Feb 16... making progress...halfway quilted :)
Update:  February 24th, ready for delivery to my dear Cousin Gary.  He's going to love this, the backing is deep forest green flannel!

Update March 3:  Gary loves his flannel-backed quilt.  In fact, he texted the next morning and said, "Just wanted to say Thanks's Again!  I never slept through the whole night before.  I know it was because of the quilt you made for me.  I was so comfortable and warm.  Love Ya Cuz."  So then I texted him back and ask if he was just teasin me because I'm such a goonbird about quilts.  And he replied, "Really.  Not til last night have I ever slept all night.  It must have been the Love that you put into the quilt that made me sleep all night!" Well that just made my Quilter's-heart soar!  :)

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