Thursday, February 16, 2012

27 - China Bound

Oh I can't wait for Nancy's (my bestest blog fan) to read about THIS quilt.  First, meet Barb (pictured in the middle).
Back in the 70's, when I was a teenager enjoying activities in the high school youth group, Barb was my leader.  For over 20 years Barb has been, and continues to, teaching in China.  I'm always wanting to "quilt" those people who've made a difference in my life.  So I got started on Barb's quilt and I guess I'd better get a move on because I just found out it looks like I'll be...


wait for it...

...delivering it in person!

now officially awaiting Nancy's comment  LOL

26 - Emily's Graduation Quilt

June - Whew!  Finished JUST IN TIME for her graduation BBQ!

June 2012 -- Emily was so happy to finally get her quilt:

February 2012 - Oh I just love those church quilt retreats at the Camp Fire Girls lodge.  All the ladies are such fun.  We compare quilts, fabrics, methods.  And we sew & sew & sew!!!  I got Emily's graduation quilt well under way!  Now let's see if it is finished by June!
PS Can you see the "Humility Block?"  Ruh roh (as Nancy would say)
Em has now design her room around her quilt!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 1/2 Quilt - Sally Learns to Quilt

I was deee-lighted when Sally, a fun, friendly teaching colleague of mine, wanted to come and learn quilting in "The Studio."  First we sorted through my scrap bin to see what types of colors and prints caught her eye.  Surprise!  Turns out it was the potato fabrics' natural analogousal colors with a giggle.  Sort of like Sally, herself, natural and easy going with a good dose of giggle!  "Oh, this is going to be fun!" I thought to myself :)
We used 4-patches and Log Cabins to quickly sew together three scrappy squares.  And then Sally took off on the Long Arm.  What a quick learner she is!
By the time Sally left, she was ready to bind her table runner.  And her cute smile was still there, so I guess I didn't stress her out too much!  Hopefully she will be back to quilt a couple of grandbaby quilts (even though she doesn't look like she could possibly be a grandma) - that'll be the next "Sally Learns To Quilt" studio session.  See you soon, Sally!  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

25 - Cousin Gary!

Decisions, decisions.  Which way to twist the squares?  Hmmmmmm.....

And, yes, this quilt looks familiar.  It's the other half of Dad's!
Update:  Feb 16... making progress...halfway quilted :)
Update:  February 24th, ready for delivery to my dear Cousin Gary.  He's going to love this, the backing is deep forest green flannel!

Update March 3:  Gary loves his flannel-backed quilt.  In fact, he texted the next morning and said, "Just wanted to say Thanks's Again!  I never slept through the whole night before.  I know it was because of the quilt you made for me.  I was so comfortable and warm.  Love Ya Cuz."  So then I texted him back and ask if he was just teasin me because I'm such a goonbird about quilts.  And he replied, "Really.  Not til last night have I ever slept all night.  It must have been the Love that you put into the quilt that made me sleep all night!" Well that just made my Quilter's-heart soar!  :)