Thursday, December 15, 2011

When You're Thirteen

When you are 13 you get to come up to Robin's Quilter's Studio and learn to quilt!  Sarah's first!  She decided to work on a Scrappy Four Patch.  So far it is really beautiful.

Today Sarah got her first try at Long Arm Quilting.  She's a natural!



  1. I think I will fly to Seattle this summer and make a quilt with you...I can't think of anything more memorable than having that experince with you. Unless it's walking through the hillside grape harbors in Germany or swinging through the treetops in Puerta Villarta.

  2. Nancy - if you fly up to Seattle this summer here is what we will do:
    1. Go shopping for fabric and find deli-cio-so colors and prints that delight you
    2. Come home and cut the fabric into really neat shapes [Gees Bend, anyone?] while we gab and laugh and tell stories to each other.
    3. I'll power-sew while you clip and iron. And we will gab and laugh and tell stories ON each other!
    4. Then we'll go for walks down at the Edmonds Waterfront and enjoy the gorgeous Mountains and sparkling Puget Sound and marvel at God's creation!
    5. Then we'll grab one of those famous Seattle lattes and walk up into cute little Edmonds to window gaze and end up at Rick Steve's travel slideshows and plan our next adventure.
    6. Then we'll drive over to Dad's and "hang out" and gab with him for awhile.
    7. Then we'll gather cousins together for a fun evening of smorgasbord and goofing around at John & Karlies.
    8. Then we'll wake up the next morning and finish all our stichin and clippin and ironing and load your quilt on the Long Arm machine.
    9. Then I'll make YOU float the long arm all over your quilt and you'll squeal, "I can't do it! I'll wreck it!" and I'll make you do it anyway until you get the hang of it and then you'll say, "Ohhhhhh, this is fun!"
    10. And then you'll pridefully take your quilt back to Texas and shout, "See what I did in Seattle?!!!"