Monday, December 26, 2011

Ugh. My Quilters Dilemma

Soooooo many quilts to work on
So little time
Which one?  Which one?
Sarah & Joels "wedding quilt" only 5 years overdue!!!

KK's only 6 years overdue!

My jeweltone quilt from Lou's stash

John & Rachel's Wedding Quilt

Emily's Grad Quilt due June 2012

JT & Kristin's Baby's Quilt due SOON!!!

Cuzzin Gary's quilt - due 2-3 years ago!

Penni's M.I.L.'s quilt due someday soon?

Penni's Halloween Quilt due October 2012

Not to mention all the quilts I have in my heart and imagination for all those I love so much and still haven't been able to get their quilt made!!!  You should SEE MY LIST!!!  Oh my, I better get to it and quit all this blogging!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Geez Louise...this makes my head hurt. Who or what is Penni's M.I.L? Mother in law? Has she maintained a relationship with her m.i.l.? Quite commendable, if so. Oh, the plethora of varied quilts there in in that group. I do so love the grouping of materials from that splash of pale yellow fabrics. Good luck choosing which one to tackle next!