Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21 - KK Wins!

And the winner of Quilters Dilemma is...
Kuzzin KK!
Your quilt is prepped and on the long arm!  Betcha have it wrapped around you before January is done!  Especially if Livi keeps up the great work ;)
Whew!  Finished.  Cathy completed two-thirds of the binding while I gave my wrists and elboes a break.  Then I finished up the binding and label this week.  Can't wait to give it to KK.

Update March 3:  Well it took longer to bind KK's than originally planned (my elboes are sore).  Thanks, Cathy, for binding two-thirds of it!  XO.  KK finally got her quilt this weekend when we had a "Girls Night" with newborn Kylie Rae.  KK loves, loves, loves her quilt.  And Kylie Rae loved partyin down with her Mimi Karlie, Auntie Katey, Auntie KK, and Auntie "Kobin."  ha ha ha


  1. so how did you decide on this one, and CONGRATS K.K. on being the "chosen one". Also, cudo's on the brilliant decision to begin teaching Livvy to do this uber early in her life. She is going to so benefit from her grannies lessons in 101 quilting! You are SUPER-GRANNY as far as I am concerned. I need to make you a t-shirt with that on the front and a picture of granny flying with a cape billowing out behind her and an S on the front of her shirt. Oh yeah, that is the best idea I've had in a long time!

  2. I keep trying to make comments on your blog but when it comes to the part to enter the secret word it never works.
    So I'm trying again.
    I've been enjoying my quilts SO MUCH!! Today was the last day of school and I'm exhausted. So here I am all snugly and warm wrapped up in my quilt!!
    Thank you so much Cuzzie!!!
    Oodles and oodles of live is being sent your way ��

  3. So now it finally worked and all those typos show up.
    Oodles and oodles of LOVE to you Robin.