Monday, September 5, 2011

19 - John & Elise Christmas Quilt

double click picture for closer look
     99% of the piecing was accomplished this summer.  But then all the other quilts had to be loaded on the long arm before John & Elise's King Sized Christmas quilt because I knew it was going to take a long time to quilt it.  Now, at the end of September, it is finally loaded and I've started on my first row.  This "long-time-a-comin" quilt is to thank my dear cousins for a fantastic Puerto Vallarta vacation several years ago!
     Update Nov 15, 2011 - this thing is gi-nor-mous.  These Texans... everything is big in Texas.  Today I'm putting the binding on.  Then the goal is to hand-whip 6 feet per night.  Let's see, uhm, 60 inches per night divided by 480 inches equals 8 nights of hand binding?  Yikes!  I wonder if I'll make my "Mail This By December 1st" deadline!
     Update Nov 24th - Thanksgiving Morning - Hmmmmmm, I could continue hand binding, even though my wrists are BURNING UP!  Or... I could cook a turkey and mash some potatoes.  Hmmmmmm... decisions, decisions.

Update December 3rd - Well, I didn't make my December 1st deadline - but I DID make the first Saturday of December Post Office line!  Yeeeeeeehaaaaa!  Can't wait to see a picture of John & Elise snuggled in their gi-nor-mous bed all tucked in underneath their Christmas Quilt on Christmas Eve.  :)
Update December 4th - Can't wait, So excited!!!!!!  Love, Elise
Update December 5th - Robbie - Holy Smokes! I gotta tell ya'...I usually don't get all that fired up about a quilt but in all honesty (and I am being as much of a straight shooter as any long tall Texan is gonna be) I am really looking forward to having' this here quilt on top of my long lanky Texas frame. Being' all snug as a bug in a rug...well, dagnabit, I'm all a-quiver and can hardly wait for that goll-dern postal weasel to show up at the old home place. Dang it all to heaven, I'm plum excited!!!!!!!! John
Christmas Day 2012 Pictures of EVERYONE enjoying the Christmas Quilt

My Five Brother-Sister-Cousins XO XO XO XO XO


  1. this is so very awesome Robbie. I can't wait for you to give it to them. I know they will be so pleased to have something you made for them. You are an awesome cuzzie sister.

  2. I used the word awesome twice. I hate repetitiveness. I also hate to repeat myself...

  3. ohhhhhh, I LOVE this quilt tag!!! What a fun and wonderful idea to put all of us on there. Remember our long talks around the big table? Remember the piggy back fights in the pool? Remember the bath robes at the pool???? YIKES! That was something we'll never forget, huh? Remember the zip lining and the burro ride up the mountain (not to mention the boat ride and the back of the truck ride) Wow, what a trip. What memories we have to savor for life! Let's do some more of that Robbie. Somehow Germany and Puerta Vallarta are just not eough!

  4. Robs, congrats on meeting your deadline!!! (o.k., so u where 2 days late, that's still incredible) I am so impressed with this beautiful quilt. Let me know when you hear from John and Elise.

  5. Where is the picture of my precious "older-sister/cuzzy, Candy and her family?