Monday, September 5, 2011

16 - Vic's Seahawk Quilt

Nephew Vic was the only one left without a quilt from Aunt Robin!  So I quickly whipped up this one for him.  He even quilted a little bit of it, on the long arm, himself!  (Hey Vic!  Ask Auntie Cathy how come she hasn't finished the binding on it!!!)  Wazzup wid dat? [oh... I guess Auntie Cathy had a pretty good excuse!  She was crazy busy moving in to her new apartment, plus working two jobs as she waited to find out if she'd get her new career job!  That is certainly a good reason to fall behind in the binding of your quilt.  And it all paid off, because SHE GOT THE JOB!]  So, Vic, I'll get to finishing the binding for you and get your quilt to you in a week or so, ok?  XO

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