Monday, September 5, 2011

15 - Judi's Quilt

Some friendships are as comforting and comfortable as a
well-worn pair of shoes.
Others are full of excitement and adventure.
The best ones are laced with laughter and softened with tears and strengthened with a spiritual bond.     
                                                                      Emilie Barnes & Donna Otto Friends of the Heart
Judi dearest, I found this poem in “OUR” friendship book.
I hope this quilt brings you as much joy and comfort as
you have brought me throughout all our years of friendship.
What a treasure you are to me.
I love you like a sister!
I'd intended to get a quilt made for Judi for years!  When we got word she had to have surgery... I got to work quick!  This quilt comforted her - just as I hoped it would.  And it gave my nervous hands something to work on during her surgery and recovery.  There are six hearts.  One for Steve, Judi, David, Rachel 1, John and Rachel 2.  (Thanks, Cathy, for the fabulous Moda fabric... you are right, "the fabric really DOES make the quilt!")

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