Monday, September 5, 2011

19 - John & Elise Christmas Quilt

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     99% of the piecing was accomplished this summer.  But then all the other quilts had to be loaded on the long arm before John & Elise's King Sized Christmas quilt because I knew it was going to take a long time to quilt it.  Now, at the end of September, it is finally loaded and I've started on my first row.  This "long-time-a-comin" quilt is to thank my dear cousins for a fantastic Puerto Vallarta vacation several years ago!
     Update Nov 15, 2011 - this thing is gi-nor-mous.  These Texans... everything is big in Texas.  Today I'm putting the binding on.  Then the goal is to hand-whip 6 feet per night.  Let's see, uhm, 60 inches per night divided by 480 inches equals 8 nights of hand binding?  Yikes!  I wonder if I'll make my "Mail This By December 1st" deadline!
     Update Nov 24th - Thanksgiving Morning - Hmmmmmm, I could continue hand binding, even though my wrists are BURNING UP!  Or... I could cook a turkey and mash some potatoes.  Hmmmmmm... decisions, decisions.

Update December 3rd - Well, I didn't make my December 1st deadline - but I DID make the first Saturday of December Post Office line!  Yeeeeeeehaaaaa!  Can't wait to see a picture of John & Elise snuggled in their gi-nor-mous bed all tucked in underneath their Christmas Quilt on Christmas Eve.  :)
Update December 4th - Can't wait, So excited!!!!!!  Love, Elise
Update December 5th - Robbie - Holy Smokes! I gotta tell ya'...I usually don't get all that fired up about a quilt but in all honesty (and I am being as much of a straight shooter as any long tall Texan is gonna be) I am really looking forward to having' this here quilt on top of my long lanky Texas frame. Being' all snug as a bug in a rug...well, dagnabit, I'm all a-quiver and can hardly wait for that goll-dern postal weasel to show up at the old home place. Dang it all to heaven, I'm plum excited!!!!!!!! John
Christmas Day 2012 Pictures of EVERYONE enjoying the Christmas Quilt

My Five Brother-Sister-Cousins XO XO XO XO XO

18 - Baby Bean's First Quilt

I quit on the first "Baby Bean" quilt from my fabric stash; it just wasn't good enough for my 1st GRANDson!  So I found this sweet Winnie-The-Pooh fabric at Hobby Lobby and started over.  Much better!  Will probably have it finished by the February baby shower!  Wahoo!
Update February 24th:  Well, sweet Ethan, you are no longer referred to as Baby Bean.  You are five and a half pounds now and will be here to join our family in six weeks.  I can not wait to meet you, and hold you and kiss you and get to know who God created you to be!  See you REALLY soon now, sweet grandson.  And, phew!  Your quilt is ready for GrannyNans to give to Mommy this weekend at her baby shower!
Update April 4, 2012:  Our precious baby Ethan Andrew arrives!!!


17 - Livi's "BubbleBlower" Quilt

Livi is taking swimming lessons called "Bubble Blowers."  So I made her a mermaid quilt with bubbles.  It's flannel and very snuggly.

16 - Vic's Seahawk Quilt

Nephew Vic was the only one left without a quilt from Aunt Robin!  So I quickly whipped up this one for him.  He even quilted a little bit of it, on the long arm, himself!  (Hey Vic!  Ask Auntie Cathy how come she hasn't finished the binding on it!!!)  Wazzup wid dat? [oh... I guess Auntie Cathy had a pretty good excuse!  She was crazy busy moving in to her new apartment, plus working two jobs as she waited to find out if she'd get her new career job!  That is certainly a good reason to fall behind in the binding of your quilt.  And it all paid off, because SHE GOT THE JOB!]  So, Vic, I'll get to finishing the binding for you and get your quilt to you in a week or so, ok?  XO

15 - Judi's Quilt

Some friendships are as comforting and comfortable as a
well-worn pair of shoes.
Others are full of excitement and adventure.
The best ones are laced with laughter and softened with tears and strengthened with a spiritual bond.     
                                                                      Emilie Barnes & Donna Otto Friends of the Heart
Judi dearest, I found this poem in “OUR” friendship book.
I hope this quilt brings you as much joy and comfort as
you have brought me throughout all our years of friendship.
What a treasure you are to me.
I love you like a sister!
I'd intended to get a quilt made for Judi for years!  When we got word she had to have surgery... I got to work quick!  This quilt comforted her - just as I hoped it would.  And it gave my nervous hands something to work on during her surgery and recovery.  There are six hearts.  One for Steve, Judi, David, Rachel 1, John and Rachel 2.  (Thanks, Cathy, for the fabulous Moda fabric... you are right, "the fabric really DOES make the quilt!")