Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 - Grandma Emelia's Quilt Restoration

Oh this project made me so happy!  Grandma Emelia made this, circa 1940's/50's.  She gave it to Auntie Bev who used it all through 1960-1990's.  Youngest daughter, Nancy, took it over but, by then, it had worn out so bad that the backing and quilting had been removed.  I complained to Nancy for years about it just sitting in a box.  I finally got Nancy to trust me to restore our Grandmother's quilt.  I worked on the fragile quilt top first; it was "handkerchief thin" with rips and bad repairs.  Then I put iron-on pellon behind the fabric that was so thin it was almost transparent.  Finally I quilted it very simply - like they might have back in the 50's - just "stitch-in-the-ditch."  I took it back to Nancy in Houston during my spring break trip. 

It was so satisfying to watch Nancy lovingly fold our Grandmothers Quilt over the cubby door of her display cabinet right next to her husband Bob's Grandmothers Quilt; both of which were 9-patch scrappies from the 40's/50's.

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  1. dear Robbie...I just read this blog post AGAIN and thought since I never gave you a comment on it, I needed to do that. I remain aghast at the fact that you took this quilt which I GAVE YOU and you not only restored it in an epic fashion, but you then GAVE IT BACK TO MEEEEE!! WHAT??? I never in a million years meant for that to happen. My plan was to have YOU keep it forever. Your heart never ceases to amaze me. I am accepting your gift with the condition that it will someday return to you(since you are the younger of us and will therefore live much longer than I). This is an amazing quilt that I lovingly display with MUCH pride in my den. It has a wonderful story weaved into it. Grandma would be so proud of all that you have grown to be. She is the one I think of as the Matriarch of the faith in our family. It was her quilting prayer group that daddy sat under the table listening to when he was just a wee boy. As he has recounted to us kids, this is when he learned of his Heavenly Father and decided then that he wanted to follow Him for life. Dad had his "wandering days" early in life, but when he returned to the Savior of his youth, it was for good. He wandered no more. Dad wasn't "perfect"...he sinned just as we all do, but he, like David, was a marvelous repenter! Dad's life has impacted me greatly, as I know it has you also. You are just like a sister to me. I love you so.