Thursday, July 7, 2011

14 - Tallie finishes her quilt

Tallie started her quilt Spring 2011 on the afternoon that she learned how to cashier in my Student Store.  She sewed the middle all by herself!  Then, in the summer, she came over to use the Long Arm and actually quilted it all by herself!  Now she has her very own snuggly quilt.  I was especially proud of her when she choose to sew her binding on the hard way - by hand.  She said she wanted to do it that way because it was the best way.  Pretty good for only being 11 years old!

13 - Scrappy Swap from Church Retreat

Several years ago the ACC quilters did a scrappy swap.  After the retreat I never got back to it.  Until June 2011 - it was fun to play with it right after school got out.  I "zipped" it onto the Long Arm for about a week, then I had to "unzip" it so I could get to my John & Elise Christmas Quilt.  Hopefully will be "zipping" it back on soon...   ... and remembering what the quilting patterns were.  We shall see!
Update March 2012:  Whew!  Didn't get back to it until after Kylie Rae's quilt!  Finally finished it and love it even more because it took so long to finish :)

12 - "Stack-n-Whack in jewel tones Quilt"

Stack-n-Whack in jewel tones.  I learned this fast method at the ACC retreat.  I started it, and then other projects took over.  I finally got back to it at the Lake Goodwin quilter retreat.  I love the deep dark colors!  I could have gotten it on and off the long arm sooner but:
1.  I found out I don't like quilting geometric straight lines (but I was committed)
2.  I got distracted starting John & Elise's Christmas Quilt

11 - Steven's Graduation Quilt

High School Grad 2012 Steven Goltapeh  I'd planned to do a green/blue "boy color" quilt for Steven because he always reminded me over the years, "I hope I'm getting a quilt for graduation!"  I just made 2 quilts at the same time.

10 - Jakes Graduation Quilt

High School Grad 2012 Nephew Jake.  I'd planned to do a green/blue "boy color" quilt for Jake for a long time.  And his graduation is just around the corner!

9 - Megan's Graduation Quilt

Megan was my quilt "pick" for the Class of 2010.  I barely managed to have the quilt pieced in time for her grad party.  She was patiently awaiting her finished quilt all during her freshman year at Chapman University!  Bless her heart!  Finally quilted on my new long arm April 2011.

8 - Newborn Madison Grace Quilt

SheaAnn had her baby, Madison Grace, April 7th while we were in Texas.  I got to hold her when she was only 6 hours old.  I immediately came home and made this quilt for her!
And here are all 5 generations:  GreatGreatGrandma Bev, GreatGrandma Candy, Grandma Debra, Mother SheaAnn and Baby Madison.  Isn't THAT wonderful and amazing!

7 - Ben's Gamblin Hound Dogs Quilt

Candy took Ben to pick out his fabric selection back in late fall of 2007.  We all laughed when we saw Ben's choice was Gamblin' Hound Dogs.  I started it fairly soon, but quickly it got pushed aside by the demands of taking care of a new grandchild, and teaching at SCCS during Andrew's Senior year.  2008-2010 were filled with Olivia needs, other graduation quilts to sew, and starting back to public school!  Finally, I've pushed myself to finish Ben's quilt as we're flying out to Houston Friday, March 31st!

6 - Emily's Scrappy Patchwork

Scrappy patchwork quilt Emily quickly put together so she could do her 1st practice on the Long Arm.  She's a natural.  Only took 3 sessions to quilt it.  She experimented with lots of types of designs.

5 - Kev's '56 Chevy Stepside Seat Cover

Indian blanket purchased from Puyallup Swap Meet for $20 dollars.  We quilted grey felt onto the back and turned it into the bench seat upolstry for Kev's truck.  It was neat to find another use for the long arm.  I put it in "channel lock" and went-to-town!

4 - Ashley's Gees Bend Quilt

Scrappy (fabrics I had on hand that Ashley picked out and coordinated) Gees Bend.  Quilt top was started in October 2010.  Fast project for Ashley.  Wanted it done by Spring Break 2011 Houston trip.

3 - Grandma Emelia's Quilt Restoration

Oh this project made me so happy!  Grandma Emelia made this, circa 1940's/50's.  She gave it to Auntie Bev who used it all through 1960-1990's.  Youngest daughter, Nancy, took it over but, by then, it had worn out so bad that the backing and quilting had been removed.  I complained to Nancy for years about it just sitting in a box.  I finally got Nancy to trust me to restore our Grandmother's quilt.  I worked on the fragile quilt top first; it was "handkerchief thin" with rips and bad repairs.  Then I put iron-on pellon behind the fabric that was so thin it was almost transparent.  Finally I quilted it very simply - like they might have back in the 50's - just "stitch-in-the-ditch."  I took it back to Nancy in Houston during my spring break trip. 

It was so satisfying to watch Nancy lovingly fold our Grandmothers Quilt over the cubby door of her display cabinet right next to her husband Bob's Grandmothers Quilt; both of which were 9-patch scrappies from the 40's/50's.

2 - Livi's Easter Alphabet Quilt

Retro Alphabet faric from Seaview, Long Beach - Auntie Em's Quilt Shop.  Water droplet bright fabrics from Walmart circa 2007.  For 4 year old Olivia.

1st Quilt: My Ugly Quilt

I used this icky quilt to practice because I was nervous and didn't trust my long arm skills yet.  It actually turned out fine.  And I noticed that once a quilt top is quilted, even ugly quilts look better.