Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NO TIME TO QUILT? Tracey & Lainie to the rescue!

Look at those adorable smiles as I pile on the fabric and the batting and the backings and the instructions and all my dreams and hopes of quilting those I love - despite having zero time to quilt these day.  I'm loving my job, loving my students, loving the challenge of being a Graphic Arts and Personal Finance instructor, but not loving the fact that I can't get to my passion... my quilting.  But have no fear:  Tracey is here!  And daughter Lainie too.  With mad-skills and a better designer-eye than me, these graduation quilts will be ready for my beloveds in June.  I'll do the hand-stitched bindings during the spring, so that at least I'll have my sewing on some of it!  What would I do without my Tracey?!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

223 - A Quilt for Ashley - who helped Sarah bring 3 Grandies into our lives

As I watched my beloved Sarah bravely and strongly birth her Olivia, Ethan and then precious Nora into our lives, I observed my daughters' beauty and strength and determination to do things well.  And one of her excellent choices was to select a doula who is, quite literally, an angel on the earth...our dear and wonderful Ashley.

When I first met beautiful, gracious Ashley, I was immediately drawn to her warm, encouraging eyes and heart.  I wanna be more like her, I thought to myself.  How can someone so young, be so mature and wise and grace filled?  How can I get some of that for me?  I'm so loud, and bossy, and pushy and demonstrative and gregarious.  I mean, even I'd get sick and tired of being around me... and I'm me!  For goodness sake, I need to spend more time around Ashley!

But time and age-differences and busy-ness and miles made those hopes fleeting.

But I'll tell ya what wasn't fleeting...
     My promise to myself, as I watched calm and tender Ashley help Sarah birth Nora, to make her a quilt someday soon.  A quilt that might attempt to express to her what my heart feels.  Ashley is inspiration and love and grace and peace and calm and radiance.  And she gives lavishly to my beloved daughter, much of which doesn't flow naturally from me, even though I desperately desire that I would and/or could.  And so I am grateful.  Grateful for Ashley.  Grateful for how God supplies our every need, in amazing and wondrous ways.  Grateful for how God makes us "family" whether or not the blood flowing in our veins is same or different.  Because we know it makes no difference to God.
     So here is my promise, my Ashley, a Happy Scrappy in your favorite colors.  And remember, my quilts are my Hugs.  My hugs of appreciation, respect, admiration and love.  Big, long, warm, tender, comforting hugs.  Be hugged.  Be hugged from Robin's grateful and inspired Robin heart.

For those who want an amazing professional photography team:  Please consider Ashley & Angie.  They are absolutely amazing for weddings, families, engagements, special events, on location, newborns, and much more!

  • One Thousand Words Photography 
  • Ashley's facebook: 
  • Ashley's partner, Angie: 

I hope I get a out-of-focus, whimsical, erethral picture of beautiful you, taken by your fabulously talented little future-photographer-daughter, of Mama in her cozy chair with her tea and books, snuggled in her Happy Scrappy quilt, for me to add to this blogpost.  I love you!

Ashley served Sarah as her doula for Olivia, Ethan and Nora

Ashley's favorite colors are turquoise and orange - I loved working on this uniquely colored, bright and cheerful color scheme, it was a breath of fresh air, just like Ashley.

I want to remember this quilt pattern, it is easy and continuous and yet pretty and has a nice complexity to make it rich and fun, yet fanciful and girly.  Me likey!  Plus it flows easy as I'm long-arming, I can practically zone-out... distressing.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

222 Saundy's Grandaughter Riley's Graduation Happy Scrappy

I hope Cousin Riley likes this Happy Scrappy for her high school graduation.  Congratulations, Riley, job well done.  We are proud of you!  My what a beautiful young lady you've become!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

221 Neal & Amy are having a Baby Boy!

And here he is, the amazing and fabulous Paxton!  Positively yummy!  XO

It is so exciting!  Neal and Amy are having a baby boy.  And this quilt is mostly made of Neal's Mom, Kathy's fabrics.  I've saved this fabric for years and years.  I think it turned out really sweet and I sure hope Neal and Amy love it.

Quilt, nursing apron, hooded towel,  3 flannel snugglers, 4 burp rags and don't forget the "It's A Boy!" Dreft :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

220 A Graduation Quilt for Sweet Kaylynn

I remember sweet Kaylynn as a young student, then later at my high school, and now she has graduated from college!  I'd say she deserves a Happy Scrappy!  Congratulations, Kaylynn, you are as beautiful on the inside as the outside!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

219 Cathy finally gets her Sweet Peas Quilted

Dear patient Cathy being so kind as other quilts jumped in front of her sweet Sweet Pea quilt.  Finally started quilting it today.  Using the wonderful fabric as inspiration:  border is getting floral and leaves and curly-q's quilting; squares are getting sweet pea tendrils; and the polka-dot mini border is getting Peas.  Funseys!

the fabric I liked best

A new quilting pattern, I enjoyed it
such beautiful fabric

Monday, June 12, 2017

218 Bill & Marcy's New Puppy

I know, I know... you are asking me, "What?  You are now making quilts for puppies?"  Well, yes, I am.  And loving every minute of it.  Because I am so happy for Bill & Marcy to be getting a new Golden Retriever.  And I think this is so much fun, that I want to be part of it!  So there.  Ha, ha, ha, I'm a puppy-quilt-maker. :)

Sonny Boy :)